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Meet Reinaldo

One of the World's Leading Authority On How To Mastering 3D Rendering in Architectural Visualization Industry

November 3, 2004, He lost his family spring bed factory and the only thing that last is US$100,000 loan, and he started his career in Arch Viz on 2008, and that because he work as an Interior Design and Build. It's kinda like falling in love on the first sight.

Desperate to find a way out of his financial predicament, Reinaldo decided to focus in this industry and discovered a way to make money online from the comfort of his home.

He believes that his fortune will come when he can help other people to thrive, you should be able to make money on something you love.

At the time, the only thing Reinaldo was passionate about was creating 3D and on 2011, he got his first award, Visualization Pro of The Week, his first award he never think of. And on the same year, he founded 2G Studio together with Evan Mandala.

Not long from there, he got his first project that he ever dream of, from International client, and he received a Paypal notification of payment received for his first US$500. His skill provided him with his first income in this industry. That magic moment marked the turning point in Reinaldo's life as he realized that making money online was real in this Architectural Visualization Industry.

And finally on 2014, he founded 2G Academy to help other people who want to solve their financial problem through Arch Viz Industry and help them to thrive.

He had successfully turned his passion into profit.

From there he refined and repeated the process, replicating results.

in 2017, Reinaldo together with Evan Mandala able to scale up the 2G Studio and have 30 people in their team, and only start with 2 people, which is themselves.

Today Reinaldo is dedicated to enabling people to take their passion in Arch Viz Industry and turning them into a service that is profitable on the Internet.

Through online programs, Reinaldo has reached more than 10,000 peoples from all over the world:

He has trained 1,000++ students all over the world

Some of his student even able to build their own 3D Company (Blank Canvas Studio, Sota&Co)

Make lots of impact especially on Arch Viz Industry here in Indonesia by helping lots of people having the right mindset through his biz & mindset youtube channel.


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